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Who We Are

We are passionate frontliners. We form the forefront of tackling challenges due to war and poverty. We consist of vibrant minds and energetic bodies that have come together out of a common passion to create change.

We are Lifeline Help.

  • Our Ethos

    Working smarter and harder

  • Our Aim:

    To provide a Lifeline to those suffering war and poverty, and to help them tackle the challenges they face.

    We aim to provide humanitarian assistance and capacity building by bringing aid and expertise to the affected areas.

    The main way to achieve this is by providing logistics, training and network-building.

  • Our Vision

    To empower the next generation to be well-prepared to face the challenges ahead and to pave the way for a better future.

  • We empower

    We do not only provide aid, we empower people to help them build their own communities.

  • We Are Passionate and We Have an Open-Door Policy

    We always act and speak out.

    We encourage our supporters to take ownership and work with us to make an impact.

  • We are a movement for change

    We are always working on innovative ideas to help the people we work with by thinking outside the box in order to tackle the challenges of war and poverty.

  • Where We Work

    Syria and Turkey.

We are a Lifeline

A Lifeline to the people we support and a Lifeline in building trust among our supporters.

Stay In Touch

Be informed about all our latest projects

Without supporters like you, we would not be able to achieve all the work we do.

Contact us to find out how you can get involved with Lifeline Help and make a difference in people’s lives who are affected by war.

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