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IDPs Need Your Help

Due to the recent escalation of indiscriminate shelling in several towns and cities in North Syria, the movement of IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) is growing exponentially and has created a crisis in food shortages and other essential items.
According to the WFP and partners on the ground, almost 1.5 million people in Aleppo city and rural are food insecure and hundreds of families have already left their homes. The UN says food supplies are expected to run out in mid-August!

Aleppo city update: Humanitarian access has been completely cut since the 7th of July and according to sources on the ground, no commercial trucks have been able to enter the city since 9th of July. Small commercial vehicle access has also been severely limited in recent weeks, with the last small vehicles reportedly entering the city on the 17th of July. Reports from the city indicate that between 60 and 80% of shops are now closed, and that meat, sugar, eggs, seasonal vegetables, fruit and baby milk are no longer available in the majority of neighbourhoods.

We are looking at a humanitarian crisis of utmost proportions.Lifeline Help need your help. We appeal to you to help us open a mobile kitchen in southeastern Aleppo, where IDPs are arriving every day. We will be providing hot food to those leaving the city to escape the airstrikes. We plan to set up kitchen equipment, materials and provide cooked meals to IDPs arriving there, who without our help, would end up going without food. We cannot let this happen.

£50 will provide a meal for 100 people.
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